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TAUP2011 Plenary Program

The plenary program of TAUP2011 covered all major topics in Cosmology and particle physics, Dark matter and its detection, Neutrino physics and astrophysics, Gravitational waves, and High-energy astrophysics and cosmic rays.

You may find slides of all presentations given at the conference (in PDF format) on the Agenda page.

Monday (5 Sept 2011) – Cosmology and dark matter
CMB and Planck Francois Bouchet IAP Paris
Precision cosmology as a particle physics laboratory Yvonne Wong RWTH Aachen
Alternatives to WIMPs and alternative uses of WIMP detectors Maxim Pospelov University of Victoria and Perimeter Institute
Status of indirect detection Pasquale Serpico LAPTh, Annecy
Antimatter in space Bruna Bertucci University/INFN Perugia
Status of Deep Underground Laboratories Nigel Smith SNOLAB

Tuesday (6 Sept 2011) – Direct dark matter searches
Direct WIMP searches and theoretical scenarios Carlos Muñoz UAM/IFT Madrid
Status of XENON100 Rafael Lang Purdue University
Dark matter search with CDMS and SuperCDMS Wolfgang Rau Queen's University
Latest results from the CRESST dark matter search Federica Petricca MPI Physik, Munich
CoGENT and COUPP Juan Collar University of Chicago
EDELWEISS status report Eric Armengaud IRFU/SPP
DAMA/LIBRA results and perspectives Antonella Incicchitti INFN Rome

Wednesday (7 Sept 2011) – Neutrinos – Inner properties and particle-physics aspects
Direct neutrino mass determination: Status and prospects Volker Hannen Münster University
Double beta decay Bernhard Schwingenheuer MPIK Heidelberg
Long baseline experiments Takeshi Nakadaira IPNS/KEK
Short baseline: Status and prospects Bonnie Fleming Yale
Neutrino oscillations with reactor neutrinos Manfred Lindner MPIK Heidelberg
Neutrinos: Phenomenology and Interpretation Eligio Lisi INFN Bari

Thursday (8 Sept 2011) – Astrophysical Messengers
New results in low-energy neutrino physics Gianpaolo Bellini University and INFN Milano
Diffuse supernova neutrino background (DSNB) John Beacom Ohio State University
Future big detectors: Prospects and physics case Kate Scholberg Duke University
The sources of highest energy cosmic rays and neutrinos Eli Waxman Weizmann Institute
Cosmic rays at the highest energies Angela Olinto University of Chicago
High-energy neutrino astronomy Teresa Montaruli UW Madison

Friday (9 Sept 2011) – Astrophysical Messengers
Underground research laboratories and deep mines as a window into subsurface microbiology Barbara Sherwood Lollar University of Toronto
Gamma rays: Observations David Paneque MPI for Physics
Gamma rays: Physics interpretation Felix Aharonian IAS Dublin
Gravitational Waves: Phenomenology of source and physics interpretation Alan Weinstein CalTech
Gravitational Waves: Current and future experiments Kazuaki Kuroda ICRR Tokyo

Friday (9 Sept 2011) – Concluding Talk
Visions and Outlook Hitoshi Murayama IPMU, Tokyo

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